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The Best of MarketingNPV Journal - Volumes 1 & 2

Image of The Best of MarketingNPV Journal - Volumes 1 & 2


A collection of our most popular articles on solving a broad spectrum of marketing measurement challenges.

In This Special Issue....
Developing Dashboards
- Building Actionable Performance Dashboards
- Is There a "Silver Metric" for Marketing Accountability?
- Marketing Performance Out of Alignment? A Good Dashboard will Focus and Inspire

The Marketing Measurement Process
- The Relevance of Rigor
- Six Sigma and Marketing - Mind the Gap
- Marketing ROI: Where Are You on the Ladder of Insight?
- How Much Unnecessary Risk Is in Your Marketing Plan?

Brand Measurement
- How Can You Measure Loyalty?
- Don't Waste Time with Brand Valuation
- The Brand Scorecard: Linking Your Brand to the Bottom Line
- In Search of a Reliable Measure of Brand Equity

Plus, much more inside.