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The Best of MarketingNPV Journal - Volumes 3 & 4

Image of The Best of MarketingNPV Journal - Volumes 3 & 4


A collection of our most popular articles on solving a broad spectrum of marketing measurement challenges.

In this special issue....
Budgeting & Resource Allocation

- Marketing Budgets: New Planning Cycle, Same Old Insanity
- Searching for Better Planning Assumptions? Start with the Unknowns
- What to Cut: How to Pick Your Spots When the Budget Axe is About to Fall

Customer Value/Loyalty Measurement
- Calculating the Value of Referrals: Easier Said than Done
- How Do You Measure Engagement? Start by Defining it in the Right Context
- Using Customer Franchise Value to Bridge Short- and Long-Term Investments in a Financial Context
- Is There a Reliable Way to Measure Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

Metrics and Dashboards
- 100 Measurement Stories Don't Add Up to Any Great Insight
- Creating a "Simple" Brand Scorecard
- Emerging Metrics: Seven Topics of Increasing Relevance
- Cures for Stalled Marketing Measurement
- Web Analytics and the March Toward Better Measurement

Plus, much more inside.